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Girl Chat Forum SSL Girl Chat Forum Mission Statement FAQ Girl Links Contact Contribute Life Line

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Reserved Common Ground LeJardin d'Alice Closencounters Digest Members' Gallery Security Resources Guest Book SafeMail

Welcome to Girllove Garden's community Site Map.

And thank you for visiting with us. Now, please take a few minutes to become familiar with our menu by reviwing the information below that will give you an idea of the resources you'll find at the destinations linked above. Many of these Sites are still under construction and, therefore, are temporarily unavailable. We hope that all of the Directory's Forums and Galleries will be open for you to enjoy soon. So please visit us often to see what is newly opened. By the way, if you have not done so, we hope you will choose to design your own Web Site and submit it to be added to our garden's growing resources.

Girl Chat :

Girl Chat is an open Forum located at www. that is devoted to the discussion of the exquisite delights of Girl Love.

Mission Statement :

Our Mission Statement provides a powerful message of our dedication to our resource's goal of becoming a hub of the Girl Love movement. From this center on the Internet we will work vigorously for the emancipation, empowerment, and positive education of youths everywhere; and, we will strive to establish full democratic rights for all persons, who are different age attracted, so as to secure for these individuals the same full legal protection from harrassment due to sexual orientation that is enjoyed by other minorities and to openly work for the establishment of our rights by educational and political means without fear of reprisal.


Here you will find answers to Frequently asked Questions and rules concerning the proceedure to follow for posting your own Web Page on Girl Love Garden.

Security :

Here you will find answers to security questions and links to security products such as Firewalls, Drive Cleaners, Anti-Virus programs and more.

Site Map :

This is Girl Love Garden's Site Map. You are here. :)

Girl Links :

Links to Internet forums, art, research articles, and other resources of interest to adults who are attracted to minors. You will also find links here to useful tools that can assist you in designing a girllove website.

Contact :

Here you will find the email addresses of the Web Master, and others, who can answer your questions in relation to topics of concern to you.

Contributions :

This is where we post our community's contributions that keep Girl Love Garden on line. We are entirely dependent on your contributions. You may send your pledge, or request more information on how to donate, by using the Contact link directly above to email our Treasurer.

Life Line :

Life Line Forum is here to provide a resource for childlovers and loved children. It is designed to be a support to all those who have thoughts that they can no longer continue on in this life. If you would like to talk with someone who understands, please go to the chat room or send an email to


Youth Attracted Network International

Common Ground :

Finally here is a forum designed to bring together the Girl Love and Boy Love communities and to give each a place to debate and talk out their differences as well as their similarities, and to establish common ground for working towards solving the major educational and political issues that challenge all Minor Attracted Adults today.

Le Jardin d'Alice :

A Forum for Girl Lovers who speak French. Le Jardin d'Alice is designed to usher Girl Love Garden into the first stages of becoming a multilingual resource where French speaking minor attracted adults, the world over, may join us in celebrating the love of little girls and teenage women.

Closencounters Digest :

This is a digest of messages from Close Encounters, a message board that was a place where both people who are attracted to boys and/or girls significantly younger than themselves and people who do not share that attraction could come to discuss all of the various issues related to emotional, romantic, and sexual relationships between boys or girls and older people

Members' Gallery :

Peruse a delightful section of members' Web Pages that provides personal, historical, and literary insights for Girl Lovers -- as well as a selection of wonderfully expressive poetry.

Security Resources :

Learn how to make your online experience more secure from hackers, viruses, and invasive programing.


Reserved for our Guest Book.

SafeMail :

You will find a world of useful information concerning email problems and security solutions when you access Safe Mail. We are honored to host their Web information on our members' organization's new worldwide Girllove resouces. Please take a minute to examine all that Safe Mail's informative material offers. :)